JPA Delivers on Futuristic Flying Motorbike

This flying bike looks highly dangerous and highly fun.
Jessica Miley

If you’ve dreamed of being Iron Man, you have probably googled Jetpack Aviation, the California startup that builds unbelievably cool personal jetpacks. Now the aerospace company is taking that technology one step further and have designed and built a flying motorcycle called the Speeder.

This insanely dangerous-looking vehicle is powered by four turbojet engines that allow the craft to fly in excess of 241 kilometers per hour (150 mph) for up to 22 minutes. The exact journey time will depend on high hight you fly and how heavy you are.

The engines are fuelled with either kerosene, JetA, or diesel, and will take you as high as 15,000 feet. However, going that high and you’ll need to sling some oxygen aboard too.

Right now the futuristic machine is available in very limited numbers for those willing to lay $10,000 to secure a pre-order and have an additional $380,000 to purchase the full deal.

JPA says that only 20 recreational models will be built but that they are working n a commercial edition of the flying motorbike. The commercial version is likely to have military application and will have a fifth engine as well as the ability to fly without a pilot.

If you thought the price is a little steep, JPA says they'll throw in a sexy flying suit and a helmet for free. Best to check with your local aviation authorities before getting too excited though.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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