Junkyard Jam: Turn Your Rubbish into Rock-N-Roll with a Flamethrower Guitar

Scope out some discarded cart parts at your local junkyard and make yourself a unique instrument that lets sound meet shabby chic.
Dana  Miller

We have always known that one person's garbage was another person's treasure.

What we could not have imagined was that the recent repurposing craze, which has swept every area of cultural life from interior design to automotive technology, could soon also take root in our approach to one of humanity's most hallowed communal interests: music!

This latest fun gem of the upcycled movement proves that, with some rudimentary welding skills and just a little bit of imagination, you can turn an old car muffler into a method for musical mayhem.

The industrious creation lords at How Everything Works teamed up with Marty's Music to generate this flame-throwing car-part guitar that even your neighbors who hate loud music will have to admit is amazing. This rusty reworking of the timeless old "Coke Bottle Guitar" idea features a seatbelt buckle functioning as a nut and saddle for its hood-release strings. 

Who knew you could use an old hubcap from your aunt's forgotten Buick to mount audio speakers lifted from your grandma's vintage Cadillac and have yourself a nifty internal amplification system for an axe worthy of KISS? 

A former fire extinguisher forges a fabulous new identity here and pairs up with an exhaust pipe that has been deliberately run over by a car. Together these two cheap, multifaceted components allow you to live your glam rock glory straight from your garage. 

Why spend thousands on something classical and imported when you can tap into the true roots of rock-n-roll, which always arose out of lack rather than excess, by visiting your local junkyard. Slap on a license plate pick guard like the one shown here, and this battered baby will sing a whole new brand of blues.