Keep Snails Away From Plants With a 9V Battery and Copper Tape

No snails were harmed while making this video but they were irritated for sure.
Derya Ozdemir

If you want to grow your own plants and make sure some pesky snails don't eat your produce, you have a lot to learn from this video. YouTube channel DIY Perks explains a method he implemented to protect his tomatoes with a trick so simple yet so smart, you'll need to see it to believe it.

He uses the snail's own body to attack it: the slime excreted by snails when they move is mildly conductive. By placing copper tape around the perimeter of the tomato pots and connecting the strips to one terminal of 9 V battery, he forces the snail to retreat. How? When the snail attempts to go for the tomatoes, its body completes the circuit and the electrical current irritates it. 

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If the sight of sails recoiling sharply sends your heart racing, don't worry! DIY Perks claims in the description that "no snails were harmed while making this video" since, well, he likes snails. He calls his method more humane than using poisons or traps, which we certainly agree, and states that they don't get harmed in any way. So enjoy!

H/T Hackaday
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