Kinetic Wire Characters Come to Life in Disney’s latest Research

Disney Research Lab showcases their latest achievement in the world of kinetic wire characters in their latest video.
Donovan Alexander

Looking to dive into the world of kinetic wire characters? Disney's Research lab has got you covered.  Posted on the magical company’s Youtube channel, the video presents viewers with a computational “technique for the design of kinetic wire characters, tailored for fabrication on consumer-grade hardware”.

The aim of creating better and more realistic kinetic wire characters is centered around the Imagineer team’s goal of improving the future of attractions and entertainment at Disney Parks, and telling audiences and fans better stories that fully envelop people into the various worlds Disney has created.

The Youtube video showcases a new computational technique, developed by Disney, that allows for the prediction of the best use of kinetic wires for character movements. The Disney team is able to shape wires into spring-like formations and place them on hidden areas on the figure to create the best range of motions for the character’s behavior.