Kite Surfer Unwittingly Films a Meteor Shooting Across the Sky Behind Him

The footage accidentally captured a meteor as it entered Earth's atomosphere.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Have you ever recorded something and unknowingly caught something else in the background? That's what happened to German kite surfer Dorian Cieloch.

Cieloch was kite surfing in nearby Wremen in Lower Saxony and recording a selfie video on a GoPro camera when he accidentally caught a meteor as it entered Earth's atmosphere.

The funniest part is Cieloch did not realize what he had filmed until he posted the footage online and saw the comments.

Cieloch owns a kite-surfing shop and was recording the footage to test out products for his store. He, therefore, spoke to the camera the whole time, never seeing the incredible view behind him.

And the view was incredible indeed! In the background, a circle of light followed by a streak of glowing orange can be seen shooting through the sky. Then, the meteor splits in two with one part burning up and disappearing.

However, he wasn't the only one to be in close proximity to the meteor. The American Meteor Society recorded around 500 sighting reports from Germany, the U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

Experts are now speculating that some pieces of the meteor may have survived and ended up landing somewhere in the North Sea. Could someone get lucky and accidentally find them? 

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