Land Rover Discovery Tows Massive 110-Tonne Road Train For 16 km

Land Rover has proven its Discovery model is as tough as ever by towing a truck through the Australian outback. The road train was towed for 16 km by the tough as nails 4WD.
Jessica Miley

Some people buy 4WD’s to look tough. Other buy them to tow things, whether it's a boat, trailer or caravan. If you have a heavy object that needs moving you’ll want a decent vehicle to do the job. There is no doubt Land Rover has an incredible reputation for building very tough muscle cars. But could a Land Rover Discovery really tow a truck?

Yes, it can and not just any run-of-the-mill city truck. In this video from the British car maker, a Land Rover Discovery heads out to the Australian desert and hooks up to a 100m long road train. It tows the massive truck with ease for 16 kilometers along a bitumen road. While the car and the video are very impressive, the video is worth a watch to see the Australian outback in all its glory. The final shots of the video show the truck and car moving smoothly through desert landscape with the iconic rock formation, Uluru, in the background.

This isn't the first time Land Rover has made a video of a production vehicle towing ridiculous things. In June 2016 the company made another impressive video showing the Discovery Sport towing a train in Switzerland. The three-carriage train weighed more than 100 tonnes. This is about the same weight as a Boeing-757 airplane or 58 times the weight of the car. The cars can complete these massive feats of towing prowess by using specific Land Rover towing technologies including Terrain Response, Tow Assist, Tow Hitch Assist and All-Terrain Progress Control.

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