Last Surviving XB-70 Super Bomber Towed Out of Its Hangar

The massive six-engine bomber saw the sunlight for a brief moment.

Here is a piece of history: Designed in the late 1950s by North American Aviation, the XB-70 Valkyrie was a high-altitude, super-fast strategic bomber that was built to enter Soviet airspace in case of a nuclear war.

While it once flew at Mach 3 with its six engines and achieved an altitude of 70,000 feet (21.336 kilometers), it was canceled by Pentagon due to it being expensive and too difficult to develop amid other issues, per Popular Mechanics. The remaining Valkyrie would become a research test plane and then be transferred to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

In October, the last standing XB-70 was taken outside from its regular indoor space so that the museum could work on one of its storage hangars, according to The Aviationist. The XB-70 was strapped to an airplane tractor and rolled outside on its wheels. The exciting moments were captured by the museum's media staff and posted online. It is amazing to see the aircraft looking as good as new. Enjoy!


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