Launch fireworks from a distance with this DIY remote-controlled launcher

Launch fireworks safely with this innovative remote controlled launcher.

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Fireworks are hands down one of the most entertaining ways to blow up some gunpowder. But, if you are not careful, losing off fireworks can be a very hazardous affair. 

For this reason, wouldn't it be great to make a firework launcher that can be activated from a distance? Well, with this little project you are in luck.

Follow this guide to learn more. 

diy rc rocket launcher complete
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, it is time to get on with this great little build. 

Step 1: Make the template

The first step is to plan out the rocket on your MDF or chipboard. Draw out two circles with a 4 and a 3rd inches (11cm) radius side by side, and divide one circle into eight segments as shown in the video. 


Cut out the templates using a jigsaw or handsaw as needed. 

diy rc rocket template
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Take your templates, and drill a series of holes along each of the eight segmented lines on one of the disks to form the firework holders. With that done, take your DC motor and mount it in the center of the disk using a suitably-sized nut. 

Next, take your spring and cut it down into two small springs. Hook each end of each spring, and secure two small thread bolts into each hook using nuts. 

Rinse and repeat to make a second spring and bolt assembly. These will form a pair of electrical coils to heat up and ignite the firework fuses. 

diy rc rocket springs
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Step 2: Make the main launcher body

Next, take your other wooden disk, and glue three lengths of timber sheet vertically to the disk. With that done, sketch out a wooden key shape 5.12 inches (13 cm) long, cut out as needed. 


Insert the two dual bolt springs you made earlier into the "key" as shown in the video. 

diy rc rocket keys
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

With that done, take the perforated disk with the motor, and glue it on top of the three strips of wood on the other disk to form an open-sided column. Take your "key" and glue it to the motor rotor using super glue to make a dial. 

With that done, take some lengths of wire, and wire up the sprung coils on the main dial as shown in the video. 

diy rc rocket controller dial
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Braid the wires together and then loop it through the perforated dial faceplate as shown. With that done, take some more lengths of wire and extend the main power wiring to the DC motor. 

Step 3: Complete the main wiring

Next, take a series of microswitches and cut holes for them in an old plastic container lid. Glue them into place as needed. 

diy rc rocket controller lid
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

With that done, take all the wires from the dial and motor, and feed them into the plastic container main cavity. You'll want to make a large enough hole in one side to accomplish his.

With that done, wire up the main motor wires to one of the switches, and the other dial wires to the two other, smaller, switches.

diy rc rocket controller switches
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Wire up the remaining switch terminals with the main motor switch too as shown in the video. Next, take your battery pack, and complete the circuitry so far as needed. 

diy rc rocket control battery
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

With the power source connected, test the remote controller by activating the buttons. This should activate the motor and turn the dial remotely.

Step 4: Load up the rockets and have some remote fun

With that done, your remote-controlled rocket firework launcher is basically now complete. The next thing to do is to load up the launcher with some test rockets to give the thing a test run. 

diy rc rocket loaded
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

With your rockets loaded, fire up the remote control and stop the dial/ignition arm next to the fuse of one, or more, or the rocket. Activate the electrical coils, and whoosh, your rocket(s) should launch in no time at all. 

With the launcher now proved, you can impress your, family, and friends, at your next fireworks party! Well done you. 

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