Leaked Video of a Drift-Modified Mustang Mach-E Shows the Car Going Fast and Doing Donuts

The car has many modifications such as body panels removed and the addition of extremely thick tires.

A new video has surfaced of a drift-modified Mustang Mach-E and it's blowing everyone out of the water. The car in the video has had its body panels removed in the front and rear, probably to make room for extra cooling and suspension bits. It also sees the addition of a roll cage and very thick tires.

In addition, cooling has been upgraded as fans and radiators appear to be visible at the front and rear of the car. These could very likely be used to cool the electric motor that is located in the rear.

The video posted by someone simply going by the name “Carolina Guy” shows the vehicle burning rubber on a skidpad with a few donuts. Road & Track confirmed that an anonymous source shared the video with them and claimed the footage is from the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR).

Many have been asking what the purpose of this heavily modified vehicle is but Ford has not made any comments. For now, we will just have to enjoy the video while we wait for more information to surface. 

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