Learn 99 Complex Concepts in Under Twelve Minutes

Concerning Reality makes it easy to understand the big ideas that continue to baffle us.
Jessica Miley

The world is full of complex things, many of which remain elusive as we never seem to have the time to sit down and take the time to understand them properly. If you are like us and feel like that there are just too many concepts and not enough time, watch this video from Concerning Reality which explains 99 complex things very very quickly.

The channel host runs through the 99 complex concepts as quickly as possible but with a clear explanation for each one. Finally understand what a derivative is, get your head around what a nuclear reactor is and be able to explain what radio is to your friends.

While some concepts are explained succinctly, be prepared for some giggles too. Alcohol is described as ‘bacteria poop’ and explaining the chance of death just seems a little silly. 

Others will make you realize how much you didn't know you didn't know, like what a water towers actual job is and that all credit cars contain a secret algorithm.

Concerning Reality is an eclectic channel that usually goes deep into a single topic such as far ranging as the invention of air conditioning to explain why platypus’ are such strange animals. The hosts very dry manner gets to the crux of the ideas without batting around, but always with some light humor mixed in too.