Learn How to Build the Perfect Shed with Just 120 Dollars

Field to Farm breaks down how to create a great shed with little resources.
Donovan Alexander

Sheds are a staple of home culture. For the uninitiated, a shed is a small building typically reserved for those who need a little extra space. Homeowners use a shed for a variety of reasons which include storage, office space, or even as their own home studio.

Breaking the myth that a shed should be expensive, the Youtube channel Field to Farm shows viewers how to create the perfect shed with just £87. The resourceful YouTuber created his special shed using a healthy amount of upcycled materials.

Working together like “wood LEGO,” the YouTuber only had to buy materials for the roof to complete the shed build while the entire process for the shed took two full days to finish.

The shed created in the video is the perfect place to use for anything you can think of, to add value to your life. It is impressive to see the YouTuber create such a great shed with so little resources.

Whether you need to build the perfect man cave, a new game room for Friday nights or a playroom for kids, be sure to check out the video by Field to Farm and stop by their YouTube channel.

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