Learn How to DIY this Neat Drill Press Powered Hacksaw

Learn how to use your drill press to power a hacksaw in this great video form JohnnyQ90. The neat DIY clip will get you inspired to get into the workshop.
Jessica Miley

There are two basic categories of home made DIY videos. There are those ridiculously cool projects that you can never attempt to do (think insanely huge super soaker or coke can crushing blender). Then there are the other kinds of projects that are a little more modest in scale and end result. While less impressive, these videos give those of us playing at home the chance to get inspired and make some interesting gadgets or extra tools. This video from JohnnyQ90 falls into this latter category. In the video, Johnny creates a drill press hacksaw.

While we aren’t exactly convinced this is a tool we need, the execution of it looks almost possible and watching the little saw do its work is very satisfying. The video is pretty informative in showing each of the steps you’ll need to execute. What is great about this video and lots of other videos on their channel is their dedication to using pretty easy to find or access materials. After watching a swathe of DIY videos that show unbelievable lathes or hideously expensive base materials, it's nice to see a small project created from off cuts and other common materials.

Johnny admits the new ‘electric’ hacksaw is really only useful for small jobs. Technically you don’t need much grunt to get a pretty nice cut with an ordinary hacksaw and your own arm. The project is less about the finished product and more about thinking and executing a satisfying home engineering task.

Via: JohnnyQ90

Learn How to DIY this Neat Drill Press Powered Hacksaw 


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