Learn How to Get Your Engine Bay Clean Enough to Eat Off

Jessica Miley

If you are a car lover, you’ve probably spent a Saturday afternoon detailing the trim on your vehicle. But what about under the hood? A clean engine bay is a satisfying sight, but not always easy to achieve. Not to worry. ChrisFix has made an energetic video that shows you how to get an engine bay so clean you can eat off it.  

The video is super detailed and really easy to understand. He explains the steps you’ll need to follow to get a super clean bay. You start with preparation, this sounds simple, but just like with painting it's the thing that will make or break the whole project. Next is the dry clean step. Chris Fix uses a variety of simple, common brushes and a vacuum to get up all the dust and debris that is sitting on top of the engine.  

Once you’ve done that, it's time for the wet clean. Mixing your engine with water might not sound ideal, but Fix offers a variety of tips to prevent getting water in places it shouldn’t be. Finally, it's time for the detailing phase. This will take your engine bay from clean to shiny and looking almost new. You might not think you need to detail your engine bay, and for your everyday drive, you are probably right. But the tricks that Fix shares are perfect if you are preparing your car for sale.

And there you have it! A very very clean and satisfyingly clean engine bay. Happy polishing!