Learn More about What Motion Capture Technology Actually Is

The video shows how motion capture works and what kind of services the firm Xsens provide.
Nursah Ergü

For sure you've heard about motion capture before. It's basically the process of recording the movement of people or any other objects. It can be used in entertainment, sports, medical applications, ergonomics or robotics.

There are also different motion capture technology firms, and one of them is Xsens. They offer an interaction between the physical and the digital world in electronics devices and professional applications. 

In the video, you can see the general manager of Xsens, Boele de Bie talking about their technology and what they offer. 

He mentions that one of the categories that they're active in motion capture is human motion measurement, such as ergonomics, sports, sports science, and so on. 

The other application domain that they're active in, according to him, is industrial modules for all sorts of applications, for example, in automotive, helping LIDARs to become focused they provide IMUs so that the LIDAR manufacturers can use the IMU. 

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