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Vivoo, which represents a big step for the healthcare industry, showed attendees at CES 2023 how it is being used.
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Your pee is, literally and figuratively, liquid gold when it comes to information on your health. Chances are you’ve been asked to provide a sample of it to a health professional at some point in your life.

But, this often requires a visit to said professional’s workplace and is less than convenient. So, it might be good news to hear that some companies have developed a high-tech at-home way to test your urine from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, you don’t need to get your hands dirty collecting a pee sample thanks to the likes of the Vivoo app and “smart” toilet.

Showcased at this year’s CES, the creators of the Vivoo wellness app has been made debut its groundbreaking at-home urine test kit. It can be fitted to any modern toilet's front and when in use, can deliver urine test results to your smartphone in less than 90 seconds.

Ergonomically designed, and quick, Vivoo could prove revolutionary for anyone who requires regular urine screening. For example, the device was designed with the senior community and spas in mind.

Installation is very simple and you don’t need to purchase a totally new toilet. The specialized seat, which includes the smart urine strip, can be attached to existing toilets.

Its purpose is to provide new opportunities for at-home testing and early identification of fundamental nutritional and health issues. In addition, older people and people who need to check their urine frequently will be able to do it in a way that is accommodating for people with limited dexterity or movement.

It can occasionally be challenging for those who frequently conduct at-home urine tests to align the strips to provide the optimum reading. However, with the specialized seat on the Vivoo smart toilet, the strip can automatically adjust to any movement in the user’s stream.

Within 90 seconds of the readings being collected, the analysis results are relayed to a connected smartphone. The device, and app, regularly test for nine different parameters every time you relieve yourself. These include your levels of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, sodium, water, pH, hydration, ketones, and protein. It can even check if you have a fever, prolonged cold exposure, strenuous exercise, and dehydration.

Not only that, but Vivoo offers customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your results to enhance your wellness. From the comfort of your home, results are communicated through the application in one and a half minutes.

Using this data and Vivoo’s team of expert dietitians, the application can provide you with nutritional and lifestyle advice to get your health back on track. Or, on the other hand, congratulate you if you are doing well.

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