LEGO Aficionado Builds Robotic Factory and Bakes Pizza In it

Dominos may start to worry about this robotic LEGO factory.

Making a really good pizza takes skill, making a complex four-station pizza assembly machine out of LEGOs and baking a pizza in it takes perhaps even more. In this video, you can watch the YouTube channel The Brick Wall bake the world's probably most intricate pizza. He wrote, "Making Pizza is an art and [a] love, making Pizza with [LEGOs] is fun and satisfaction," and he is indeed right. 

The video is shot to celebrate his five years on YouTube, per the video's description. And those five years have been well spent indeed: Instead of hiring people to do stuff, he invests that money in buying LEGO bricks. In the end, he makes amazing videos where you can see LEGOs being put into numerous actions. For example, you can also check out this LEGO firewood factory that actually works.

You should definitely watch this one where he makes a pizza from scratch in a LEGO oven too. The LEGO machines spread the sauce and cheese and can cut the pizza into perfect pieces. The sauce delivery device is especially notable. However, he will have a lot of LEGO pieces to wash after this, and since washing the dishes is the worst part of cooking, he has gotten himself into a big trouble indeed.

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