Watching This LEGO Rocket Produce Liquid Smoke Is Mesmerizing

Shelby Rogers

Childhood rockets would be even cooler if they managed to smoke before 'liftoff.' The YouTube channel Giaco Whatever created an incredibly mesmerizing rocket with a simple incense cone, a few LEGO pieces and a washer.

This also functions as a neat little science experiment for kids and works as a way to explain air density. Normally, when one burns an incense cone, the smoke travels up. Smoke rises because hot air is less dense than the cooler air, and as that heated air rises it takes the particles of whatever is burning with it. However, if you drill a hole in the bottom of the cone, the smoke will escape south. Knowing this little trick, Giaco built a small LEGO rocket for a really cool effect. By the time the smoke travels south, the particles composing the smoke have a heavier mass and get pulled downward.

Replicating this project wouldn't be difficult. You can buy incense cones in bulk for $6. If you're a big LEGO fan, you probably won't have to search hard for extra pieces floating around. In total, the whole project would cost you nothing more than $7 or $8.

Giaco also created a 3-D printed rocket to test out his smoking effect. You can find those instructions here.

Via Giaco Whatever


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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