Let Your Inner Picasso Out: Learn How to Make Your Own Paintbrushes in 11 Minutes

This short and fun video will teach you everything you need to know in order to make your very own paintbrushes.

For all you artists out there or artist aficionados, this one's for you. Learning how to make your own paint in itself is fantastic. There's mention of a now-100-year old artist who used whale wax in her paint mixtures!

But, even more impressively, you'll learn how to make your very own paintbrushes by the end of this video tutorial. This involves befriending another animal, not to worry, it's all jovial and proper. 

Moreover, what's fantastic about this tutorial is that all materials are easily available either from your cupboards at home, your garage or by simply making your way to the nearest Home Depot.

By using some dirt, a piece of carved wood, which will end up being your paintbrush, and some melted tin, you'll have a sheet-metal covered wooden paintbrush in no time. There's a little bit of hammering involved to make a smooth and thin metal cover, but it certainly looks like a cathartic release. 

Now for the brush end, the simplest part. Horsehair! All that needs to be done is for the hair strands to be cut into the same length, tied together and then placing them neatly and tightly into the metal cover, attaching it snuggly to the wooden part of the brush. 

The final touch is dipping the horsehair into corn starch to keep them in shape. 

Time to let the inner Picasso out. 

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