Here’s How You Can Break Up a Bulb in Pieces and Make It Work Again

A little hint: liquid nitrogen actually helps.
Deniz Yildiran

You'd probably throw your broken incandescent bulb into your trash can if it was shattered in pieces, and immediately buy a new one. How about trying to light it up again somehow? 

In this video by The Action Lab, we are served with another experiment including a broken bulb and some liquid nitrogen. And as you can imagine, the bulb will end up working. As he explains, if you try to turn on a broken bulb, it works for a moment and then gets back to its dead state, thanks to the filament inside oxidizing and burning quickly. However, if you put it in a glass of liquid nitrogen, chances are you'll get your glowing bulb back, as the bulb now has a currency going through a tiny wire inside, and is heating up again. 

As interesting as it sounds, we recommend not trying it at home, just in case things go wrong for you. If you'd like to see more astonishing stuff centered on lights, make sure to watch this one.

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