Here’s How You Can Break Up a Bulb in Pieces and Make It Work Again

A little hint: liquid nitrogen actually helps.
Deniz Yildiran

You'd probably throw your broken incandescent bulb into your trash can if it was shattered in pieces, and immediately buy a new one. How about trying to light it up again somehow? 

In this video by The Action Lab, we are served with another experiment including a broken bulb and some liquid nitrogen. And as you can imagine, the bulb will end up working. As he explains, if you try to turn on a broken bulb, it works for a moment and then gets back to its dead state, thanks to the filament inside oxidizing and burning quickly. However, if you put it in a glass of liquid nitrogen, chances are you'll get your glowing bulb back, as the bulb now has a currency going through a tiny wire inside, and is heating up again.