Listen to What Mars Sounds like through NASA's InSight Lander

You'll hear blistering gusts of wind, robotic arm movements, and seismic Martian activity.
Fabienne Lang

In March this year, NASA's InSight Lander filmed and recorded audio of what a marsquake — an earthquake on Mars — sounds like.

In this unbelievably cool video, a graph to the left of the frame displays movement that comes up on the seismometer, and to the right is the footage taken from a camera placed on the robotic arm of the InSight. 

The InSight Lander has been placed on Mars to accurately record precise seismic readings, as well as provide 3D models of the planet's interior.

As the short video plays, not only do you hear what quakes on Mars sound like, you also hear wind gusts, the robotic arm when it moves and shifts positions, and friction from parts within the seismometer. The video explains exactly what you're hearing as it plays along. 

It's intensely impressive knowing that during this video, you are listening to the sounds emanating from another planet. 

Recorded on 6 March this year, on the 98th Martian day, the video's sounds would typically be too faint for the human ear to hear on Mars.

This audio has been sped up ten times and has been processed so that you can listen to the sounds that InSight typically sends back for its scientists to study.

Main Image Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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