Lotus Evija Hypercar Has ‘Fighter Jet’ Aerodynamics, Video Explains How

Lotus claims compared to Evija, the regular sports car is more like a child’s kite.
Derya Ozdemir

Lotus just released a video showing off its Evija's scalloped, tunneled bodywork that will help the car slip through the air "like a greased frisbee."

This highly anticipated hypercar is fully electric, and with its weight balance and overall aerodynamics, it could end up being one of the fastest hypercars ever made until now. 

The pretty and colorful patterns that you see in the video are what the hypercar makes as it cuts the air around it apart. 

In the video, Richard Hill, who is the chief aerodynamicist at Lotus, states Evija is "Compared with a regular sports car, it's like comparing a fighter jet to a child's kite." While fighter jets and supercars have very different missions, this is bound to get anyone excited.

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The Evija is currently in pre-production at Lotus' headquarters in the U.K. If all goes to plan, deliveries will start this year, and only 130 Evijas will be built, each at a price of 1.7 million pounds, meaning approximately $2.12 million. That's just... a lot.

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