Macaulay Culkin is Home Alone with Google

Google Home has pulled in a big player for a push to dominate the Christmas market.
Jessica Miley

Is Home Alone your favorite Christmas movie? If so, you had better not watch this new ad for Google Home, where the Tech Giant has hauled Macaulay Culkin out of pseudo-retirement to recreate some of the films' most famous scenes, but this time with a little help from Google.

Iconic scenes like Kevin jumping on the bed and ordering takeaway are rewritten to include Culkin asking a Google Home Device to add things to his shopping list, check his calendar and play music.

The ad is funny and definitely does show off the features of a Google Home device, but it's a pretty cheap joke without any real original content.

Macaulay Culkin is looking surprisingly good though since his runaway success as a child actor in the 90s Macaulay had some pretty seriously low points.

Recently though he re-emerged as a hero of the stoner hipster sect, with his band The Pizza Underground which only covers songs from the band The Velvet Underground but with lyrics changed to include as many pizza references as possible.

The smart home device industry is heating up and no doubt there will be a tonne of various devices given away as presents this holiday season. 

Google and Amazon seem to be currently dominating the market but there are a bunch of other brands out there that have ditched the speaker side of things and are focusing on getting a household organized and running appliances efficiently.