Mad Scientists Turn Toilet into a Subwoofer Box

Would you try this project at home?

There's no doubt we are fans of the mad mechanics at Garage 54. We have featured them when they tried to generate power from a thousand lemons, when they used nine mufflers to build the quietest car exhaust system, when they tried to engineer a self-propelled car engine, and more.

Now, they are back with a new experiment and it may be their wildest yet: They are trying to build a vehicle subwoofer out of a pristine toilet. Even the host at Garage 54 says this is a "crazy idea."

What does he need for such a transformation? Well, he lays it all out: he needs an amplifier of 500 Watts and a speaker. That does not sound too complicated! Could this be a project we even try at home?


"This should genuinely turn out to be pretty good," says the Garage 54 host in an excited tone as he sits on the toiled to soon be turned into a sub-woofer. A lot of work goes into making this transformation. After all, the video is 10 minutes long.

What does the final product look like? We won't give it away here. You have to watch the video to find out. 

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