Make a Smartphone Macro Lens for Less Than Two Dollars

Add a new trick toy to your smartphone photography bag with this easy DIY lens.
Jessica Miley

Most smartphones have really amazing cameras on them these days. But they can still limit our photography in some ways.

Chris Notap's video shows you how to add another trick to your smartphone photography by creating a closeup or macro lens for your phone for under two dollars.

There are lots of snap-on lens for smartphones but they can cost a lot, and you probably won't use many of them very often. This clever life hack from Chris Notap Is easy to do and won’t cost more than a couple of bucks.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a lense. Chris suggests heading down to your local thrift store and looks through the electronics section until you find an old 35mm film camera. The kind you used to have to take pictures at birthday parties with.

He found a range of cameras costing between two and six dollars. The thing all these cameras have in common is a high-quality lens.

Once you have your camera, you’ll need to take it apart to get the lense out. Chris uses a set of tiny screwdrivers but says pulling stuff apart with pliers is ok too.

Once you have the lens out, it's merely a matter of attaching it with some hot glue to a section of paddle pop stick. And there you have it — a macro lens for you eyephone.

Now just hold it over the lens of your camera and shoot. Chris’ last tip is to slide a rubber band over your phone to hold the stick in place.

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