How to Make an Electric Gun with an Electric Motor

YouTuber Navin Khambhala is one of YouTube's best creators, and he has recently made a spring-loaded gun that works with an electric motor
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If you ever watched a Star Wars or Western movie you’ve turned random objects into make-believe guns. It’s a normal occurrence in any childhood.

But why not upgrade the toy guns you—or your children—are used to playing with?

YouTuber Navin Khambhala is one of the platform’s best creators, and he recently made a spring-loaded gun that works with an electric motor. Does it sound dangerous? It’s not. All the worried mothers can relax.

This gun wouldn't be dangerous to anyone unless you load it with explosives, but it does make for a fun toy to knock down cups or compete shooting at targets. If you do decide to make it, you could even make your own western shootout game for the kids; or for you. Adults are allowed to have fun too.

This homemade electrical weapon will require a small amount of time and it's pretty easy to make. It’s the perfect weekend DIY project.

Basic materials for a homemade electric motor gun include a simple plastic tube, several small metal, and wooden pieces, a battery & some wire.

Are you used to DIY projects? You will need some basic power tools as well. But most of these things you can find inside your house. You don't have to purchase any products in order to create this entertaining toy.

Ready to have some fun?

How to make an electric motor gun requires is pretty basic. You know guns must have mechanisms to force bullets through the barrels. In your homemade electric motor gun, you’ll have a motor connected to a battery and the turning motor will cause metal parts to move.

As one metal part turns it hooks onto another that you secured to a spring inside of the plastic barrel. The spring is pulled back. But the metal parts continue moving, move past each other and the spring is released. And off goes your shot!

And what serves as your trigger that gets the parts moving? A switch niftily glued inside your gun within reach of your finger.

Anyone can lay out a motorized mechanism that makes parts move. But this video shows you how to combine it with a compact gun small enough for any child to have fun with.

Because that’s the second thing Navin helps with Practicality. Add some wood and a few pen barrels to your gun’s grip to make it comfortable to use. These objects customize easy so you can get an exact fit for your hand.

And don’t forget to paint and decorate it so everyone knows whose gun it is.

It can be used to fire darts but may also work with some other items. Although it doesn't have any real force, it can be a good way to entertain yourself. With soft items such as sponges serving as bullets, you can wage a make-believe war with your family without anyone getting hurt.

Did the video help? Do you like this type of high powered gun? 



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