Make Your Own Fancy Toilet Paper Dispenser With This Guide

A pinnacle of over-engineering.
Christopher McFadden

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Traditional toilet paper dispensers can be incredibly frustrating to operate at times. But, with this fancy toilet tissue dispenser, your toilet paper woes are finally over.

Find out how to make it for yourself with this simple guide. 

diy toilet dispenser complete
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, let's get on with the build.

Step 1: Make the main mechanism

The first step is to sketch out the main internal mechanism frame. Cut it out, and place it on some pieces of wood. 

Cut out the shapes using a jigsaw or bandsaw. Drill/core holes for the rollers, etc. as well. These parts will be used to form the moveable internal roller arm. 

diy toilet paper dispenser frame
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Sand down the cut surfaces using sandpaper or a sander as needed. 

With that done, 3D print the dispenser roller parts needed. Sadly, the models for the parts required are not provided, but you can design your own through a process of trial and error. 

With that done, cut down two lengths of steel rod to fit the cylinders too. Sand off any burrs prior to installation. Complete the rollers as needed with the rubber washers/bands and steel rods as shown in the video. 

diy paper dispenser rollers
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Install the rollers into the wooden frame as needed. 

With that done, take the main handle wheel and associated parts, and assemble as shown in the video. You'll need some small springs to make this part work too. 

diy paper dispenser main wheel
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Next, fashion the main axle for the main cogged wheel. 

Step 2: Make the main boxing and handle

With the main machine parts complete, we can now move on to creating the main boxing. Take some sheets of wood and transfer the design to it. 

Then cut out the boxing using a jigsaw or bandsaw as needed. Drill holes and core holes through it as needed. 

With that parts ready, glue and clamp the parts together as needed. Leave the glue to fully cure. 

diy paper dispenser boxing
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Hammer and nail the parts together as well. With that done, glue and nail some more lengths of wood to make the main handle. 

Sand and trim down to size as needed. With that done, cut out the main front lip section of the boxing and install it to the main assembly as shown in the video. 

Step 4: Complete the final assembly

With all the main components now complete, we can finish the final piece. Take your rollers (and mounting arm), and install them into the boxing as needed. 

Next, install the main cog to the boxing, and connect it to the rollers using a rubber pulley band. 

diy paper dispenser main mechanism
Source: The Practical Engineer/YouTube

Next, take the main handle, and connect it to the main cogwheel and other mounting points on the boxing. Test the mechanism, and make adjustments as needed.

When you depress the handle, the rollers (and arm) should move in response). With that done, add the final parts to the main assembly, and test by installing a toilet tissue roll. 

Once happy, disassemble the entire piece, and paint to the desired color (if you want to). Leave the paint to dry, and then reassemble. 

With that, your DIY toilet paper dispenser is now complete. Now all you need to do is mount the piece to your toilet wall. Happy days!

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