Make Your Own DIY Hardware Storage Frame From Scrap Wood

Need somewhere to store your bits and bobs? Make one from an old piece of flatpack.
Christopher McFadden

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Keep misplacing your M3/M4 nuts and bolts or screws? Got some old flat pack furniture lying around? Then solve two problems with one DIY project and turn it into a handy workshop storage device!

Follow this simple guide to find out how.

diy storage frame complete
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started like any project of this nature. 

Materials and gear needed

Step 1: Create the shelves

The first step is to take your old door and cut it down to size using a jigsaw or table saw. You'll need a series of equally-sized pieces, as shown in the video.

diy storage cabinet from door cut
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

This particular door is made from MDF, so please ensure you do this in a well-ventillated space and wear respiratory protection. 

With that done, take each square of wood, and cut out a series of lines at equal points to one edge of each piece of wood. 

diy wood cabinet wood cuts
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

With that done, clamp all the pieces together, and lengthen the cuts using a double-edged saw to around half the width of the wood. Next, take a wood chisel and chisel out the wood between each of the cut lines. 

diy storage cabinet chisel
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

These will form one-half of the tongue and groove joints for the piece we'll be assembling.

Step 2: Create the vertical supports for the shelves

With that done, take some more of the scrap cabinet pieces. These will form the sides of the new cabinet. 

Mark and cut out a series of double lines to the same dimensions as the square pieces of wood. Extend the lines as needed to around half the width of the piece, and chisel out the centers, as before.

diy storage cabinet walls
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

As with the shelves, these grooves will form the other half of the tongue and groove joints when we come to assemble the piece.

Step 3: Assemble the main storage frame

With the main parts now more or less complete, we can begin to assemble the piece. Take the sides you've just made and the shelves you made before. 

Line up the slots of the shelves and the walls, and push them together to form a tight fit. If needed, use a rubber or wooden mallet to fully fit the tongue and groove joints together. 

Keep adding each of the shelves to the piece as needed. 

diy storage tongue and groove
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

Step 4: Make the surrounds for the piece

With that frame for the storage piece now complete, we can finish off the piece with some tops and sides. Grab some more of your old cabinet, or door, and trim them down to the same height, width, and depth of the frame. 

You'll need two longer pieces and two shorter ones to form the sides and tops of the storage frame respectively. Once done, place them in position against the frame and secure them into place using screws. 

diy storage old door sides
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

First, clamp the sides to the frame, and then use a power drill to first sink pilot holes, and then finally add screw the pieces together. You'll want to secure the corners of each side, and then add some more screws to the central-most shelf of the piece. 

If desired, you can add more screws to increase the structural integrity of the piece, but this is not necessary. 

With that done, make a series of triangular pieces of wood, and screw these to two corners of one side of the piece, as shown below.

diy storage cabinet corner supports
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

These will form the mounting plates for the piece. 

Step 5: Mount your new DIY storage frame to the wall

Before we mount the piece to the wall, first drill a hole through the middle of each triangular mounting plate. Then, decide where you want the frame to be mounted, and mark out the position of the mounting plate holes. 

Drill the wall and add wall plugs as needed. Depending on the wall, you may need to use a hammer drill. 

With that done, secure your new DIY storage frame to the wall as needed. The piece is quite heavy, so you might want to get some help here. 

diy storage frame mount to wall
Source: Mazay DIY/YouTube

If you plan to use this piece to store DIY materials, like screws, nuts, etc, you can now mark out the intended contents for each storage cell of the piece. 

Now you can, finally, get organized and add your bits and pieces to the frame. You can either pile the pieces directly, or make small "draws" using old plastic bottles, or similar. 


If you enjoyed this little DIY project, you may like to make some more cool stuff for your workshop. How about, for example, your own DIY combination table and miter saw? 

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