Learn How to Make Your Own Little Wooden Cabin

Using some timber, and elbow grease, you too can build a wooden cabin.
Christopher McFadden

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If you are fed up with not having a nice comfortable place to sit in your garden, then why not consider making a simple little wooden hut?

Follow this guide to find out how. 

diy wooden hut complete
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

As you can imagine, like any project of this nature, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started. 

Materials and gear needed

With all your tools and materials in hand, it is now time to get on with this short, but rewarding, build. 

Step 1: Prepare the ground and lay foundations

The first step, if not already suitable, is to choose a location for your new wooden hut. Remove any loose items from the area, and demolish (if needed) and existing structures. 

diy wooden hut foundation
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

With that complete, excavate the ground and level it off as needed. Next, take some of your timber, and make the basic base frame for the building and install it on the prepared ground on a series of small concrete mounting pillars, as shown in the video. 

Step 2 Build the frame of the hut

With the ground and foundation now complete, we can move on to building the main structure. Decide on the height of the structure you want to build and cut your timber to length.

With that done, build the frame of the main building as needed. You will want to do this piece by piece, and nail/join each of the lengths to the base frame and to each other as needed. 

You may want to consider drilling pilot holes to make the process easier. 

diy wooden hut frame
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

Keep going until the basic frame of your new wooden is completed. 

Step 3: Building out the floor the walls

With that complete, we can now build some of the other main features, like the frame for the roof. Take more of your timber, cut to length, and install the main rafter and purlins for the roof structure of the building. 

You will also want to cut and install some reinforcement plates for the rafter where they meet at the main roof ridge too. Roofing can be fairly tricky to do so make sure you watch a few guides videos first if you have never done it before.

diy wooden hut basic roof
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

With the basic frame for the roof now complete you can now add some sheets of wood, like MDF, to cover the roof frame and close up the roof structure. Next, take some external roofing felt, lay, and install this on top of the main roof. 

diy wooden hut roof
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

Step 4: Finish the structure

With the basic main structure now complete, we can finish the building. The first step is to cut lengths of timber and install to make a raised floor inside the building. 

diy wooden hut floor
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

Next, take some more planks of wood, cut them to length, and begin to install them on the walls of the building. You'll want to add these like floor planks and nail them into place. 

Next, cut and build frames for any windows, doors, or inner partitions your want including in your wooden building and install as needed. You may need to cut the wall planks to fit. 

diy wooden outhouse walls
Source: Engin Bircan/YouTube

Keep adding the wall planking and install any doors and other structures your want for your small wooden hut. With the woodworking complete you can then add any decorative features you desire like paint, etc, and then the building is complete.

Now just sit back and enjoy your hard work. 

If you enjoyed this project, you might want to consider some other DIY construction projects? How about, for example, making your own mini-pub?

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