Make Your Own Replica Shotgun Weapon from 'Outriders'

This replica "Paxian Blessing" really looks the part.
Christopher McFadden

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If you are a fan of "Outriders", then you might be all too familiar with the iconic "Paxian Blessing" shotgun. Apparently made of stone and wood, this weapon is one of the most powerful in-game, and really looks the part.

But, did you know you can actually make your own replica one with fairly little effort? Follow this guide to find out how. 

wood to stone complete
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

But first, you'll some materials and gear to get the job done. 

The best picks that will help you do the job

With all your tools and materials in hand, it is now time to get on with the build.

Step 1: Make the molds for the epoxy

The first step is to take your wood and cut a large square piece out of it. Place this piece into your laser engraving machine, and engrave/cut out the various shapes needed for this build (unfortunately model plans are not provided by the creator). 

wood to stone laser pieces
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Push out all the laser cut pieces as required. Assemble the pieces onto some backing plastic to form a mold for the epoxy.

Step 2: Pour the epoxy

With the mold ready, mix up and prepare your epoxy according to its instructions. Add some colored dye to the epoxy too. 

With the epoxy ready, gently pour it into the mold you created earlier. Either leave to cure naturally, or accelerate the process using a heat gun. 

wood to stone epoxy
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Once cured, grab your orbital sander, and sand down the wood and epoxy as shown in the video. 

Step 3: Make the rest of the wooden gun

With that done, return to your wood, and cut out some more lengths of it to build up the piece. Glue these into place on the wood and epoxy pieces you completed earlier. 

Next, cut out the other pieces needed for the gun including the trigger, grip, etc. Glue the pieces together as shown in the video.

You will also want to hinge the trigger so it can move. 

wood into stone trigger
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that done, attach the gun trigger assembly to the main epoxy and wood "barrel" as needed. Add a spring to the trigger assembly and a small electronic button as shown in the video too. 

wood to stone dremel
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Continue forging and adding other details to the piece like the shell extractor, etc. With that done, grab your Dremel tool and work the entire body of the gun to give it the overall shape your want. 

Step 4: Give the gun its gnarled look

Use your Dremel to give the entire gun a gnarled, almost organic look. Continue working on the piece until you are happy with the final aesthetic. 

wood to stone gnarled surface
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that done, take your black paint and paint the entire exposed surface of the gun. Be sure to not mask the epoxy details when doing so. 

With that done, take your plastic polymorphous and prepare as needed. Using lengths of wire, coat the wires in handfuls of moldable plastic, as shown in the video. 

wood to stone plastic
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Step 5: Make the circuitry

With the main cosmetic parts done, you can now make the electronic gubbins. Grab all the components you need, and assemble as shown in the video.

wood to stone elec bits
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Take the parts and install them into the main gun assembly as needed. Add in any strip LED lights as needed too. Wire everything up as required. 

With that done, take your grey paint (and spray gun if you have one) and paint over the black paint you added earlier.  This will give the entire piece a mottled stony appearance. 

wood to stone grey
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that done, make a wash of dark grey, and go over the entire piece to give the paintwork some depth. Leave to dry, and then give the entire piece a dry brush of light grey.

wood to stone drybrush
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Paint the plastic and wire parts in brown to imitate old branches and glue/melt the plastic into place on the gun.

wood to stone branches
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

If desired, create and add a series of autumn leaves to the branches to give them a real-life appearance. And with that, your stone gun is now complete. 

Now you can show it off to your friends with pride!

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