Making a 3-in-1 Mobile Phone Tripod from PVC Fittings

This special project will give you a product with three functions.

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As engineers, we love all DIY projects but some stand out more than others. In this video, we bring you one extraordinary product.

It is a 3-in-1 mobile phone tripod. Why 3-in-1? Because it serves as a tripod, a selfie stick, and a car phone holder. Yes, you read that right it has three functions.

Better yet, the design doesn't involve any 3D printing and it is made mostly with PVC fittings making it very cheap to make. Do we have your attention yet?

You should also know that the tripod mode is constructed to have a very sturdy leg base. This has been arranged by having the legs fixed so that twisting the tripod's upper body results in the legs rising, transforming the product into a tripod.


Since the legs are only unfolded by the twist mechanism, you are guaranteed that they won't collapse under other circumstances. In addition, when in car phone holder mode, the product can be easily fixed on the car's air vent.

Finally, when in selfie stick mode, the product allows your phone to be fixed at different heights and positions allowing you to shoot from all kinds of angles and in all kinds of positions. Wow! Is there anything this 3-in-1 tripod can't do?

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