Making a DIY Cardboard Bubble Machine

This bubble machine will create enough bubbles to keep you entertained for hours.

Bubble machines offer hours of fun and lucky for us they can be made out of cardboard. In today's DIY video, we see exactly how.

First, you have to create the base. Using a cardboard base square, hot glue two rectangular pieces on it. Then, create three circles out of cardboard. One should be smaller than the other two.

Glue the three pieces together with the smallest piece in the middle. Make a hole through the three pieces. Using a long thin piece of wood, create two holes through the rectangular pieces and place the circles in the middle of them with a piece of elastic wrapped around it.

Next, take the cover of a bottle of soda and make holes through the middle of it and all around it. Take equally sized pieces of long thin wood and place them in the side holes of the cover.

Take a syringe and cut the middle part into thinner smaller parts. These are the parts that will create the bubbles. Place these pieces of plastic on the pieces of wood. 

What do you do after? We won't tell you here. You have to watch the video for that. We will tell that you will be impressed by how well the bubble machine works.

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