Making a Powerful V6 Motor Using Mini DC Motors

With the right tools and an expertise in motors, you can make a powerful functioning robot.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Did you know you could make a powerful V6 motor using mini DC motors? It requires the right tools and expertise in motors but it sure makes for a fun video to watch.

Start with six DC motors of 1000 RPM, a 2mm by 10 mm steel shaft, two 5 by 5.5 ball bearings, and three 17mm gears. Then take two pieces of wood, one large and six the size of the mini DC motors.

Glue the mini DC motors on the small pieces of wood. Use black tape to secure the wood. Take the large piece of wood and secure the steel shaft on it. Make sure the steel shaft has three gears on it. 

Glue the six mini DC motors on the large piece of wood making sure that their edge is connecting to the gears. Connect the DC motors with wires. Glue pieces of straws in between each of the motors. 

Connect the protruding wires together. You are now ready to test your resulting motor. Connect a set of wheels to the steel shaft and, using a remote control, start the motor. If the wheels turn you have a powerful functioning V6 motor made out of mini DC motors.



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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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