Making Fluorescent Lightsabers for All of Your Star Wars Purposes

You'll wish you were four inches after making these fluorescent lightsabers.

Whether you are a Star Wars or not doesn't matter: Probably everyone has dreamed of waving their own lightsaber at least once in their lives. Today's video shows you how to make custom 1/6 scale fluorescent tube lightsabers, and let's just say that they are out to blind you with just how shiny they are. 

The video released by the people at Adam Savage's Tested shows the process of turning a fluorescent tube into a lightsaber for your action figures. From where you can get a fluorescent tube to what you should do to turn it into a lightsaber, this video will take you through the process and explain everything in detail. If you're a fan of do-it-yourself projects and a Star Wars fan on top of that, this project might just be what you need to get your DIY skills rolling.

Well, after you make the lightsaber what you should do is pretty obvious: Building a resizing machine that'll shrink you down, so that you can walk around on your tiny legs, waving your lightsaber around. 

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