Making Your Own DIY Portable Speaker

This speaker lets you have music wherever you go.

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Love music? We all do. What if we told you you could have music wherever you go?

You can with your very own DIY portable speaker. It's, surprisingly, not that complicated to make as our video will show you.

The speaker you will create is equipped with everything you can imagine. It has six speaker drivers, a charging indicator, a battery indicator, a bass boost, a treble boost, and an easy handle to help you carry it wherever you go.

How do you make such a speaker? Step 1 is the plywood enclosure. You start with the speaker's different templates which you glue onto the plywood. Stick them one next to the other to save space and use up as much of the plywood as possible.


You then cut up all the pieces according to the markings. Once that is done you drill five holes in some of them and cut them into further pieces according to the templates' design.

Make sure to remove the paper templates so as the wood is nice and clean. Using wood glue, glue the templates one atop the other according to the design. Now you have the base of your portable speaker. What do you do next? Well, you have to watch the video to find out.

We will tell you what you'll need to get started:  a woofer, a tweeter, a passive radiator, a PVC pipe, an amplifier board, an audio crossover, a boost converter, a charging module, a battery indicator, a fiberglass cloth, an epoxy puttyzip ties, solder connection wires, bolts, a metal hinge, a metal plate, and switches.

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