Man 3D Prints Special Tires for His RC Car, Drives It on Water

It takes some trial and error, but it ends up being super cool.

YouTuber RCLifeon 3D printed tires for his radio-controlled car to drive on water, and a small car with neon green tires speeding its way on water like, by his words, Jesus is a sight to behold.

He designed special tires to make his dream of making a car drive on water reality. Upon some assessments with trials and error, the car he refers to as "Car the Jesus" makes its merry way through half of the lake. It isn't all roses, of course, he goes try, fail, and try again a couple of times until he gets it right, much like how the real-life goes. 

The Swedish landscape in the video and his showcasing of his failures with funny narratives make for such a good video. All that is plus to the genius drone shots of a tiny car driving on water, which are pretty cool by themselves too. Moreover, putting helicopter sounds in drone shots? Genius.

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