Man Blows up the Pavement After Throwing Cigarette Down a Sewer Hole

Tag this video under "reasons why people should properly dispose of waste." A man tossed a cigarette butt down a sewer and certainly didn't expect these consequences. The instance was caught on CCTV cameras in Tehran, Iran.

Before the unassuming smoker walks on film, there's another man tossing gravel or rocks (no one really knows) down a hole. Fifteen minutes later, the smoker walks by and tosses down his cigarette butt. One can easily assume from the power of the resulting blast that the hole probably led to some high-methane sewage.

Other than what we see on the CCTV, there's not much other information floating around. We're not entirely sure the man is still okay. However, he was able to crawl away from the situation.

The caption on the original Twitter post is written in Persian. It notes the dangers of throwing cigarette butts down sewers.

Via SHOW / Xerxesss Twitter

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