Man Blows Up Tesla to Not Pay $22,600 to Replace the Battery

But... Why not recycle it?
Loukia Papadopoulos

What would you do if you could not afford to replace your car's battery? Would you blow it up?

That's what Finnish man Tuomas Katainen decided to do when he was told his 2013 Tesla Model S would need more than $22,600 to replace the battery. Deeming that amount far too much to pay, the owner decided to team up with another YouTuber to blow up his Model S with 66 pounds (30 kilograms) of dynamite.

Katainen explained how his vehicle ran “excellent” for the first 932 miles (1,500 kilometers). However, after that, error codes started to appear.

He proceeded to bring his car to a Tesla dealer repair shop. After about a month, he was told he had to replace the entire battery, which would cost more than $22,600. "So I told them I’m coming to pick up the Tesla,” Katainen said in the video. “Now I’m going to explode the whole car away.”

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