Man Builds Drum Machine Inspired Turntable Electric Guitar

The instrument can create unique sounds.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber Anthony Dickens has released a never before seen or heard musical instrument. The device looks like a guitar with a circle added in its middle, and it sort of combines a turntable, a drum-machine, and an electric guitar. It's appropriately called the Circle Guitar.

"Circle generates sounds, textures, and rhythms that would be impossible with a conventional electric guitar. By using a mechanical device to pluck the strings, rather than a human hand, you can exceed what is physically possible and push guitar playing into new, unexplored territories," writes Dickens in his video description.

"Over the course of these demos, I intend to show how diverse the sound of the guitar is by exploring different vibes and genres, whilst playing things I believe are only possible on this instrument."

What might those things be? You have to watch the video to discover.

In the meantime, Dickens adds that he keeps coming up with new and creative ways to play his original instrument. "By sliding my finger back and forth over the E and A strings you create a new kind of rhythm technique. You will see near the end of the video, when you move your finger further away from the bridge you produce these lovely harmonics," writes Dickens.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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