Man Builds Mesmerizing Hand-Cranked Wooden Kinetic Wave Sculpture

This kinetic wave sculpture is the product of master engineering and physics skills.

Regardless of how far and beyond we go with technology, it is for certain that humans will inevitably feel fascinated watching mechanical processes in motion. Artist Ross McSweeney, seemingly a master of engineering and physics skills, has built a kinetic wooden sculpture that has a boat and fish that rise and fall with the waves.

Almost completely made of wood, this sculpture is hand-cranked which makes watching it even more soothing. Each wave is driven by a cam that moves it horizontally and vertically.

McSweeney stated that the sculpture was going to run only off a motor, but he made the motor box optional since he didn't like the noise. That was most certainly the right call in our opinion, since the video, with its rhythmic and silent atmosphere, is wonderfully soothing to watch as it is.

Moreover, if the video is tickling your DIY project fancy, you might be happy to know that he is working on a pack that you can buy to make one for yourself.

You can check out McSweeney's other remarkable kinetic sculptures on his Instagram page.

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