Man Builds Primitive Oven Out of Mud and Uses It to Cook Squid

This video shows the steps to making a primitive oven out of mud and grass. Its creator demonstrates the oven's abilities by cooking a fresh squid inside.
Jessica Miley

Summer is the time for many to indulge in seafood whilst visiting the seaside, while most will enjoy some grilled fish or fried calamari from a restaurant, the host of Brave Wilderness primitive goes a step further and builds his own oven from scratch before baking some freshly caught squid.

To begin the process, we see the host agitating fresh mud with his feet, before adding some sort of grass that will act as a method of strengthening the mud as it dries.

The oven is made in a circle shape so that it can act like a chimney and suck the smoke out of the top. Once the oven starts to take shape, a fire is lit inside so that the clay can be fired and become hard and strong.

The rest of the oven is built with grass being used to help form the dome-shaped roof of the oven. Another fire is lit and set to burn for some time to cure the remaining parts of the oven.

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This fire is then left to die down while the host goes out of shot to collect a basket of very fresh looking squid. The cleaned body and head of the squid are placed on what looks like a terracotta plate and then squeezed into the oven.

He then makes a temporary door on the front of the oven which closes it totally. After some time, it seems that he can smell the squid has been cooked and removes the door.

He pulls out the dish which looks very well done and begins to feast. While the squid might look quite dry and plain for some, it's cooking method is definitely impressive.

Via: Brave Wilderness primitive

Man Builds Primitive Oven Out of Mud and Uses It to Cook Squid

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