Man Builds Volkswagen Inspired Mini-Bike That Actually Works

Beet-Bike is on the roads, now let's make it electric.
Derya Ozdemir

This mini-bike is more special than others: it is a Volkswagen inspired one that is built with Predator 212cc engine and lights, whitewall tires, and a chain tensioner. It even has new handlebars.

You can watch YouTuber “Ultimate Rebuilds” build the mini-bike in just 11 minutes. It looks kind of goofy, yet you’ll want one anyway.

He adds the Predator 212cc engine by popular-demand since everyone suggests it. He states that he will make some more modifications down the road, however, we should say that it looks as good as it can get. Moreover, it is always nice to see young people with the ability to create, inspire, and engineer.

The video shows the amazing build, which is truly worth the time and effort. It also makes for an exciting watch. Needless to say, now that this Volkswagen inspired mini-bike is out and about on the roads, maybe it’s time to make an electric one?

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