Man Destroys Targets Mortal Kombat Style With a Rope Dart

He throws his targets up in the air and tackles them on the way down!
Loukia Papadopoulos

We have all watched martial arts films such as Mortal Kombat and admired the skill of the warriors. However, if we must confess the truth, we rarely believe that even martial arts experts have such skills in real life.

Now, along comes a video to blow us all away. In this clip, a man is seen destroying targets with a rope dart with unimaginable precision.

We are absolutely mesmerized as the man jumps up and down and throws coke cans in the air only to destroy them with his rope dart as they fall back down. The video is over three minutes long and showcases the man tackling one target after another while spinning the rope dart around his body.

There is no indication as to who the man is but he must certainly be a martial arts expert. His moves are so smooth that it almost seems that he is conducting a carefully choreographed dance.

The man tackles everything from soda cans, to water bottles, to even watermelons, and even asks his audience what they may want to see him destroy next. Quite frankly we don't care what his targets are, it's just fun to watch him swing that rope dart.


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