Man Explains How He Created a Racetrack To Entertain Neighbor Kid

Remember that sweet story from summer? This is how the guy created the racetrack.

A lovely story by a YouTuber user named CanyonChasers on how he spotted a kid tearing around in his driveway on a bicycle and how he dealt with it had warmed our hearts back in August. The video resonated with millions of people across all social media platforms and was featured on numerous national media outlets from Newsweek to CBS Evening News to the Today Show.

To refresh your memory, CanyonChasers explained in a previous video that he would get an alert from his driveway security camera of a kid riding a bike in his driveway. He stated that he was annoyed with the constant alerts at first; however, he decided to paint a racetrack with chalk that the kid could follow to keep him entertained instead of shooing him away. Soon enough, the track became so popular that even older people were taking a test ride on it.

After being consistently asked about how he built the tracks in interviews, he decided to make a video showing the process. You can enjoy the video above. 

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