Man Invents Mechanical Arm to Replace His Four Digits and It's Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Film

Ian Davis lost four fingers to a work accident so he decided to invent a mechanical prosthetic arm.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If this story seems familiar it's because we covered it before but we could not resist doing an update. That's how impressive Ian Davis and his mechanical hand are. 

In July of last year, we shared how Davis' lost four fingers to a work accident and was further diagnosed with cancer. This would probably be enough to knock anyone down but Davis did not give up.

Instead, he went ahead and invented a mechanical prosthetic arm to replace his fingers and he continued to innovate on it.

"I thought I'd share the progress that I was able to make on my new hand this week. I was able to get the splay function designed and fabricated this week. now it's down to testing and getting the components to wear in. it makes a completely different sound than my other hand. I'm not sure how I feel about it, " he said in his latest video that we bring you now.