Man Shoots Twisted Teas From a Cannon, Smashes Hole through a Door

This is what happens when some poor canned ice teas get the SpaceX treatment.
Derya Ozdemir

The Internet has all sorts of answers reserved for those who scroll long enough. Whether you've ever thought about something becomes invalid at one point as your mind gets hooked on various strange ideas that seem to come from all sides. In this video by a YouTube channel called LayerOne 3D, you can set on a journey to get the much-needed answers to a bizarre question: "What is it like to take Twisted Tea airborne?"

In case you are not familiar, Twisted Tea is a canned real iced tea mixed with lemonade and alcohol, and the inspiration, as most things do, came from TikTok. The YouTuber made a video on how badminton shuttlecocks are one of the fastest balls known to man and built a custom cannon to launch them. Then he got a comment asking what would happen if he threw a Twisted Tea into the mix. A few days and an aerodynamic cap later, he decided that he should go all SpaceX on some poor canned ice teas. If you like watching things crash and burn, you'll especially like this one. Enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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