Man Shows How He Uses an Old Washing Machine to Generate Free Electricity

He rewired a washing machine to generate electricity to power his appliances.

YouTube user Marty T, who's been living off the grid for 16 years, shows how he makes his own electricity by using an old washing machine he found at the dump. If this doesn't make you feel like rewatching Into the Wild, we don't know what will.

In the sixteen-minute video, he shows how he rewired the washing machine motor to generate electricity that is plenty for him. His description reads, "The generator is rotated via a water-driven Pelton Wheel (Hydro Turbine). It makes enough power to heat my water and run all the appliances in my energy efficient house as well as most of the tools in my shed."

Apparently, while he has some issues with it from time to time, he only has to go down to the stream to solve the problem, which is, by his words, "a small price to pay to avoid paying a power bill."

Arguably, the best projects are done by repurposing stuff that others would throw into trash, and this project is the epitome of that. We can safely say that this man would survive a zombie apocalypse, and that's saying something.

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