Man survives off-grid on a sailboat retrofitted with solar panels

He grows his own vegetables and catches fish for food.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Can you imagine living on the sea near the most beautiful islands and surrounded by clear blue water? In this video, a sailor shows us how to do just that on a tiny boat.

He manages to use solar power to power everything on his boat. He grows vegetables and catches fish for protein. He even uses a small wooden barbecue to cook them.

The boat measures a mere 38 feet but still has enough space to house all these activities. The sailor says he was inspired to move on the boat after spearfishing around the world and in Alaska.

This activity showed him that he could sustain himself without having to go to land too often.

If you are thinking this type of lifestyle might be pricey, after all a boat is expensive, think again. The sailor managed to get his boat and all the necessary features for U.S. $23,000.

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