Massive Lincoln Portrait Created Using Mini-Lincoln Portraits

Shelby Rogers

Bravo to the patience of these creative YouTubers. The team at Vat19 used 14,833 pennies to make a 9 ft tall by 6 ft wide portrait of the 16th president of the United States.

However, they didn't just sort through shiny and dull pennies. That's too simple. They hand-polished, shined and sorted these pennies. The team first created an enlarged portrait of Honest Abe with circles to guide the location of each penny. The color-coded pages also showed which type of penny (super shiny to darkly dull) to place on the paper.

You can even buy the portrait online. No, it's not the massive 9 ft by 6 ft original, but a smaller framed version (18 in. x. 24 in).