Mechanics Build 'Flying' Carpet Propelled by Heater Fans

This is what happens when Aladdin's flying carpet meets reality and Russia's cold weather.

The genius mechanics from the YouTube channel Garage 54 are back with another crazy, out-of-the-box idea, and this one is bound to make you feel nostalgic. They take Aladdin's flying carpet from the skies of the fictional city Agrabah and bring it to Russia's snowy streets for a ride.

The video starts off with Vlad, Garage 54's main guy having a merry time while "flying" through snowy streets. He says this is their very first attempt at such an experiment and that it's "quite simple." They install some fans and batteries to get everything running. The tricky part is to have the carpet lift off with him on top of it which the majority of thinking goes into.

It is nice to see several grown men having fun in the snow, laughing, and actually enjoying themselves. If you're curious as to how they pulled this project off and made the "flying" carpet possible, watch the video above and enjoy!

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