Mechanics Turn a Lada Into a Giant Bobble Head Toy

Does your car drive like a boat? Well, watch this before you answer that.
Derya Ozdemir

The mad mechanics at the YouTube channel Garage 54 never run out of interesting ideas to explore. From generating power from a thousand lemons to turning a car into an upside-down one that you can actually drive around, their projects promise entertainment, as well as valuable information about the inner workings of vehicles.

In this particular episode, the mechanics turn a Lada Riva into a bobbing head toy, except they do it for the entire body. It is as crazy as it sounds, and to do just that, they fix the Lada atop a spring body. If they decided to attach larger wheels to the end product, they'd get a monster Lada, for sure.

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Afterward, they take the Leda for a ride, and while it is kind of scary, they say it was also extremely fun. Moreover, this spring-Lada could take offroading to a new level, so it has so much potential. If you want to see the whole project, make sure you watch the video above. Enjoy!

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